scipious_kai ([personal profile] scipious_kai) wrote2012-07-08 12:06 am
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Final Judgement

We all howl at the moon
Whether out loud as our emotions command
Or inside of our hearts where they lie dormant or scarred
You are not protected or an exception
All who live do so
Whether we like it or not
So don't give me that look
The one that says you are judging me
For if I'll know of your shallow facade
And bitterness will still permeate the air
Your screams could be louder or merely a shudder
Especially if you're comparing to mine
That is the way of the world
Our sorrows will only be erased
When we shirk our skins and embrace
Not with each other unless your soul would like
But that all our pain and hate will end one day
So howl as loud as you like
It won't change a thing
Not your circumstances or life
If you can't shirk off your skin now
It is okay
You will towards the end of your life
And with your dying breath
You will step outside of your body
And realize where you went wrong
And what little or much was right